DUALCUT wiper blade cutter, 5x4x4cm, Herbert Richter

Reference SK101819
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Your windscreen wipers have a hard job to do!
Sun, cold, heat, rain and snow damage the mate¬rials of your windscreen wipers over the course of time. Tiny stones, sand, bird droppings, mos¬quitoes and dirt become embedded in the rubber material of the wiper and cause streaks on the windscreen.
With the DUALCUT you can remove the dama¬ged wiper blade edges using a newly developed special blade made of STAINLESS STEEL/TITA¬NIUM NITRIDE (made in Solingen) with a „very narrow cut“.
The sharp blade glides like Teflon through the brittle rubber material with an exact cut.
Afterwards your wiper blades are as good as new and ready to be used again.
Any quality wiper blade can be trimmed twice.
This protects the environment and saves you money. Calculate for yourself how much money you could save over the next few years.
The DUALCUT has already paid for itself after the first cut.
Millions of no longer usable wiper blades and the packaging of their replacements end up in our domestic waste every year.
Help to avoid this unnecessary waste....
...with DUALCUT


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      Product info*** Guaranteed quality ***
      Product referenceSK101819
      Product referenceSK101819
  • This part is installed in the following models. PLEASE NOTE the years of construction in the article description.
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      T25/T3 model1600cc DIESEL 1/1981-7/1987 (CS) 4 Cylinder 50 ch / 37 Kw
      T25/T3 model1600cc PETROL 5/1979-12/1982 (CT,CZ) 4 Cylinder 50 ch / 37 Kw AIRCOOLED
      T25/T3 model1600cc TURBO DIESEL 8/1984-7/1992 (JX) 4 Cylinder 70 ch / 51 Kw
      T25/T3 model1700cc DIESEL 10/1986-7/1992 (KY) 4 Cylinder 57 ch / 42 Kw
      T25/T3 model1900cc PETROL 8/1982-7/1987 (DF) 4 Cylinder 60 ch / 44 Kw WATERCOOLED
      T25/T3 model1900cc PETROL 9/1982-7/1992 (DG,SP) 4 Cylinder 73/78 ch / 54/57 Kw WATERCOOLED
      T25/T3 model2000cc PETROL 5/1979-12/1982 (CU,CV) 4 Cylinder 70 ch / 51 Kw AIRCOOLED
      T25/T3 model2100cc PETROL 8/1985-7/1992 (DJ) 4 Cylinder 112 ch / 82 Kw WATERCOOLED
      T25/T3 model2100cc PETROL 8/1987-7/1992 (MV, SR, SS) 4 Cylinder 87/92/95 ch / 64/68/70 Kw WATERCOOLED
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