Thermal blinds, 8 pieces, 7 layers, latest generation material T4 9/1990-6/2003 Long Wheel Base with rear hatch

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Designation Thermal blinds, 7 layers of insulation, to be installed from the inside.
Deluxe version, custom made according to SERIAL-Kombi's specifications. Delivered with a travel bag and all necessary suction cups. Great finishing.
During wintertime, they help to keep the warmth inside, and in summertime, they reflect the incoming heat. Furthermore, they block all lights, giving you privacy during the night. They also act as noise dampeners.

The kit includes 1 covering for the front windscreen, 2 coverings for the front windows, 4 coverings for the side windows, and 1 covering for the rear windscreen.
With travel bag.

Over time, due to the constant temperature changes, the suction cups might deform, therefore losing their initial performance. To bring them back to their original form, you only need to cover them with boiled water for a few minutes.

Can be installed in vehicles with rear double doors, by using one covering for both windows.
ATTENTION: for the models with air conditioning or ventilator on the right rear window, the insulating material comes by top the air conditioning. You can cut it or leave it

For a T4 with short wheelbase please order ref.: S13119


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      Product info*** Guaranteed quality ***
      Product referenceSK100600
      Product referenceSK100600